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North Face Trademark Infringement Suit: An Apparel Face-Off

Recently, The North Face Apparel Corp. initiated a trademark infringement claim against The South Butt, LLC. The North Face is an international clothing and outdoor equipment company. The South Butt is based in Missouri and also markets a number of … Continue reading

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Urban Myth: Intellectual Property Protection By Mailing To Yourself

You may have heard it is possible to circumvent the legal process and obtain a patent or a copyright with a postage stamp. Myth. The “poor man’s patent” allegedly involves mailing a description of an invention to yourself or someone … Continue reading

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Maintaining Ownership Of Your Ideas

Turning an idea into reality, whether it’s for a novel product or a unique business venture, may involve pitching to a firm with greater resources. Through this process, you can be exposed to serious risks. For example, the potential developer … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Helps Provide for Your Florida Pet

Hotel heiress Leona Helmsley is perhaps the most famous example of a person remembering a favorite pet in her will with a twelve million dollar trust fund, but Florida along with forty-one other states and the District of Columbia currently … Continue reading

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USPTO Update: More on Patent Reform

The latest efforts in patent law reform have yielded results in the form of tentative legislation in the Senate.Until now, the most recent patent law revison was a bill in the House of Representatives in 2007, which ultimately stalled because … Continue reading

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Proposed Rule Will Create Opportunities for Women-Owned Small Businesses

Recently, the Small Business Administration has proposed a new rule pertaining to the Business Development Program, which is intended to help underrepresented and disadvantaged small businesses obtain more opportunities to compete for federal contracts.A study by the SBA found that … Continue reading

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Florida Tax Evader OJ Simpson and the other 5 Most Infamous Tax Evaders of All Time

Ben Franklin may have been overly optimistic for the Internal Revenue Service when he said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. For many people, avoiding their tax responsibility is an art form. From offshore accounts, … Continue reading

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Novel Simplicity: Google Gets a Design Patent

Recently, the popular internet search engine, Google, was awarded a design patent. Soon afterward critics emerged, touting that Google had abused the patent system. Such critics may not be familiar with the fine distinctions between design and utility patents. Whereas … Continue reading

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Is a Consistent Brand Stronger?

What’s in a brand? This chart claims Pepsi has changed its logo its multiple times over the past decades. However, both Pepsi and its competitor Coca-Cola have changed their logos over time. With that said, is a consistent, “timeless” logo … Continue reading

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UPC Removal Equals Trademark Infringement?

That’s right, removing a UPC can amount to trademark infringement in some instances. Such was the case between retailer CVS and luxury fragrance company, Zino Davidoff. Davidoff packages and distributes luxury products like the Cool Water fragrance, which is preferably … Continue reading

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