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Are There International Copyrights?

In this final entry of our series dedicated to international protection and enforcement of intellectual property, we will discuss how one secures copyright protection on an international level. Keep in mind, most countries do not require copyright registration in order … Continue reading

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How do I Register a U.S. Patent Internationally?

Part one of this series on international intellectual property registration focussed on Trademarks. Today, we will address Patent protection on a global level. The World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”), is an agency created by the United Nations in 1967. Its … Continue reading

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Can I Protect My Domestic Trademark Internationally?

This is the first in a series of blogs dedicated to explaining how one may protect their intellectual property rights on an international level. Presently, there are several international intellectual property agreements designed to streamline the process for an applicant … Continue reading

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Is Jacksonville’s Commercial Real Estate Market on the Upswing?

Jacksonville’s industrial and retail commercial real estate market saw some positive growth during the first quarter of 2011. Industrial space had a positive absorption increase of over 100,000 square feet. A positive absorption rate indicates that more space was either … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama Calls Companies to Offer Jobs to Military and Their Spouses

The first lady recently called on companies to recruit and hire members of the military and military spouses, stating that these individuals have a lot to offer. Michelle Obama, along with Jill Biden and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, visited a … Continue reading

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YouTube has Created a “Copyright School Program” Video

YouTube has created a video explaining its thoughts on copyright infringement and piracy due to an increase in occurrences of infringement by its users. The cautionary video also includes the possible consequences arising from such violative acts. The video goes … Continue reading

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Everbank Agrees to Stop “Unsafe” Practices

EverBank Financial Corp. has signed a consent order with federal regulators to rectify certain foreclosure practices that have been deemed “unsafe or unsound.” The consent order, issued on April 13, cites the Jacksonville bank for weaknesses in its loan servicing, … Continue reading

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Jacksonville Gas Prices Jump Almost 10c in a Week

Jacksonville gas prices rose 9 cents over the past week, and analysts expect prices to continue rising. The average cost of a gallon of regular-unleaded in Jacksonville is $3.71, up from $3.62 a week ago. The reasons for this spike … Continue reading

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Navy Federal Braces for Probable Government Shutdown

In the event of a government shut-down, Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) says it will cover April 15 payroll for all active-duty military who have direct deposit accounts with the bank. Through this action, NFCU is ensuring active-duty members will … Continue reading

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Job Creation Not Stimulating Consumer Spending?

Although the unemployment rate has dropped to 9 percent from a peak of 10.1 in October 2009, most jobs being created do not match the wages, hours, or benefits of the positions that were initially lost in the recession. It … Continue reading

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