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Smashburger Attracts Five New Franchisees

There’s a new trend hitting the “fast food” world. Insiders are referring to it as the “better burger” concept, and one up-and-comer, known as “Smashburger”, has set its sights on Jacksonville. Smashburger recently announced its agreement with five new franchisees … Continue reading

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Winn-Dixie Files Suit Against Dollar General

In a brief statement released by Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., it confirmed having filed suit against Dolgencorp, the parent company of the Dollar General discount retail chain. Winn-Dixie alleges that Dollar General is willfully violating non-compete provisions built in to all … Continue reading

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What Can You Learn from Oprah’s Business Decisions?

As Oprah is ending her 25 years on the air, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a product to sell can learn from her success. From the beginning, she recognized that it is important to “just go with it”. … Continue reading

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How Can I Avoid Creeping Credit Card Debt?

Over the past several decades, the average American household’s debt level has consistently grown. However, with the recent economic hardship our country’s endured, many people have found a way to pay down their total debt. Unfortunately, many of those who … Continue reading

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Is Buying Stock in a Bankrupt Company Worth the Risk?

Since Blockbuster Video filed bankruptcy back in September, its stock price has fluctuated from 4 cents to 23 cents, yet some investors are undeterred and still purchasing those shares. This is not a new investment strategy; for years investors have … Continue reading

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Will Jacksonville’s Unemployment Rate Continue Dropping?

A report released by the Agency for Workforce Innovation shows that Jacksonville’s unemployment rate has fallen consecutively each month since January 2011. According to the report, the area’s unemployment rate dropped from 10.2 percent in March, to 9.7 percent in … Continue reading

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Modis Building Renamed Wells Fargo Center

In a press release issued today, Friday, May 20, 2011, a spokesperson for Wachovia/Wells Fargo announced that the building formerly known as “The Modis Building” will be renamed “The Wells Fargo Center”. The bank stated that the rebranding effort should … Continue reading

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CSX Projects Continued Growth Through 2015

Only a few weeks after announcing its planned 3 for 1 stock split, CSX revealed during its annual conference that it expects yearly double-digit growth in its per share earnings and income through 2015. Through a press release issued on … Continue reading

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Can Disney Obtain Trademark Protection for “Seal Team Six”?

On May 3, a mere day following Operation Neptune’s Spear, The Walt Disney Co. filed three (3) Trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the rights to the name “SEAL Team 6″. SEAL Team Six, formally … Continue reading

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LimeWire Reaches Settlement with RIAA

The infringement battle between the Recording Industry Association of America (“RIAA”) and LimeWire has settled outside of court for approximately $105 million in damages. The action was initiated by the RIAA in response to LimeWire’s person-to-person (“P2P”) file sharing application. … Continue reading

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