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Dissolving a Partnership

While practicing law in northeast Florida, Wood, Atter & Wolf is often contacted for business advice regarding forming, operating and dissolving corporate entities, partnerships and limited partnerships by businesses operating outside of Florida – from just across the Florida border … Continue reading

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Trademarks and Trade names – Why Businesses Should Check Name Availability

A recent Florida Intellectual Property lawsuit provides clear warning to business owners – check trade names and logos out before sinking time and money into building a brand name for your business. The trademark infringement lawsuit was brought by a … Continue reading

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Trademark Protection…A Tough Job, but Everybody Has To Do It

A cornerstone of Trademark Law is the obligation of the owner of a Mark to defend against the Mark’s unapproved usage by others. The primary Federal Statute covering Trademark matters is referred to as the Lanham Act which begins at … Continue reading

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Up, Up and Away…Doing Business in the Cloud

A recent article in the TheStreet, an internet magazine focused on the world of investment, finance and business, reported that IBM would be expanding its “cloud offerings for business users” through the purchase of DemandTec in the first quarter of … Continue reading

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Contract Rights – Bankruptcy Court as Game Changer

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Business Organizations – What’s the Difference?

So you’ve taken a great idea, formed a plan, created a blueprint for how to get the attention of your customers and acquired the appropriate amount of start-up funding. Now you face your next big decision – what type of … Continue reading

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Big Bank Credit Scores – Impact on Business Growth Today.

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Holiday Party May Expose Business to Risk of Lawsuit.

Business owners planning their holiday parties should be aware of Florida laws that could expose the business to liability. You may have heard about the Dram Shop Laws in the past. These are laws that were developed during the era … Continue reading

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